Boundary-Waneta Border Crossing

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Boundary-Waneta Border Crossing
Boundary wa border station.jpg
US Border Inspection Station at Boundary, Washington
CountryUnited States; Canada
Coordinates49°00′03″N 117°37′30″W / 49.000742°N 117.62505°W / 49.000742; -117.62505Coordinates: 49°00′03″N 117°37′30″W / 49.000742°N 117.62505°W / 49.000742; -117.62505
US Phone(509) 732-6674
Canadian Phone(250) 367-9656
Hours9:00AM - 5:00PM

The Boundary-Waneta Border Crossing connects the town of Northport, Washington with Trail, British Columbia on the Canada–US border. It can be reached from Waneta Road on the American side and British Columbia Highway 22A on the Canadian side. Canada has had a customs office at or near this crossing since 1865, initially to inspect vessels arriving via the Columbia River, then to inspect trains with the completion of the Nelson and Fort Sheppard Railway in 1893.

Motor vehicles did not cross the border here until 1945, when a new rail bridge was built across the mouth of the Pend Oreille River parallel to the existing bridge about 2000 feet north of the border. The rails were then removed from the old bridge to accommodate one lane of vehicular traffic.[1] Still, inspection stations did not exist at the border until Canada first built an inspection facility in 1975 and the US built a facility in 1978. In 2013, the US built a new border station a few hundred yards south of the 1978 facility.

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