Bourne Brook

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Bourne Brook
Bourne Brook At Hints - - 981946.jpg
Bourne Brook near Hints
Country England
Counties Staffordshire
District Lichfield District
Town Fazeley
Villages Shenstone, Weeford, Hints
 - location Aldridge, Staffordshire
 - location Fazeley, Staffordshire
 - coordinates 52°36′44″N 1°41′32″W / 52.6123°N 1.6921°W / 52.6123; -1.6921Coordinates: 52°36′44″N 1°41′32″W / 52.6123°N 1.6921°W / 52.6123; -1.6921
Length 14 km (9 mi) [1]
Basin 35 km2 (14 sq mi) [1]
Confluence with the River Tame shown in Staffordshire
Wikimedia Commons: Bourne Brook
Progression : Bourne Brook—TameTrentHumber

The Bourne Brook or Black Brook, as it is known in its upper reaches, is a tributary of the River Tame in Staffordshire, England.[2]


From its source near Aldridge (originally in Staffordshire, but now in the West Midlands county), where it is known as the Black Brook, it flows north, to the west and north of the village of Shenstone, then flows east past Weeford and Hints where the name changes to the Bourne Brook. It then continues through the grounds of Drayton Manor Theme Park and then to its confluence with the River Tame near Fazeley.[2]

Its waters ultimately flow, via the Humber estuary, into the North Sea.


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