Bowring Park, Knowsley

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Bowring Park is a public park in the Metropolitan Borough of Knowsley, near Liverpool, England.

Lord Mayor William Benjamin Bowring`s wife Isabel M Bowring

It is the oldest public park in Knowsley and includes the first municipal golf course in England (established 1913). It was opened in 1907 and was a gift of Liverpool's first Lord Mayor William Benjamin Bowring (later first baronet) in 1906 of the Roby Hall Estate. He was the senior partner in a shipping firm. His wife Isabel Maclean Bowring (née Jarvis) of St. John, New Brunswick, was sympathetic to the suffering and needy among the poor of Liverpool.[1] Originally 100 acres (0.40 km2) in size, it lost some to the M62 motorway.


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Coordinates: 53°24′22″N 2°51′43″W / 53.4062°N 2.8619°W / 53.4062; -2.8619