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Box step

Box step is a basic dance step named after the pattern it creates on the floor, which is that of a square or box. It is used in a number of American Style ballroom dances: rumba, waltz, bronze-level foxtrot. While it can be performed individually, it is usually done with a partner. This is the most common dance step in the waltz. In international standard dance competition, there is a similar step called closed change.

In a typical example, the leader begins with the left foot and proceeds as follows.

  • First half-box: forward-side-together
  • Second half-box: backwards-side-together

Every step is with full weight transfer. During the second and fifth step the foot is supposed to travel along two sides of the box, rather than along its diagonal.

Rhythm varies. For example, it is "1-2-3, 4-5-6" in waltz and "Sqq, Sqq" in rumba.

In other dances (and in variations) the box may start from the left or right foot, either back or forward, or even sidewise. For example, in the quadrado figure of samba de Gafieira the leader steps (starting with the left foot) "left-together-back, right-together-forward".

Box step in waltz[edit]

1# bring feet together 2# step forward with left foot 3# step to right side with right foot 4# bring feet together 5# step backwards with right foot 6# step to left side with left foot 7# bring feet together 8# to continue redo process from start.

In popular culture[edit]

This dance was featured in an episode of Curious George called "School of Dance". George first saw the Renkins doing it, then he taught it to Bill, the Quints, the Man with the Yellow Hat, and at the end, Allie.[1]

See also[edit]

  • Jazz box, a similar footprint pattern, but with cross-steps


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