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The Boyd family is an Australian family whose members over several generations succeeded in distinguished effort in their contribution to the arts in the fields of painting, sculpture, pottery, ceramics, literature, architecture, poetry and music. By the advent of the twenty-first century the Boyd family had reached a popular conception of identity as an artistic dynasty. This line of artists may be said to find its nascence in the 14 January 1886 marriage of Emma Minnie à Beckett and Arthur Merric Boyd.

Family tree[edit]

The family is descended from four diverse immigrants to Victoria:

These four families were joined by marriages of their children in the young colony of Victoria in the 1850s:

From these two families, then, Emma Minnie à Beckett (known as Minnie) and Arthur Merric Boyd married. Both were already individually established in society as painters.

They had five children, four of whom became prominent in the Australian artistic world:

When their children had matured, married or settled elsewhere, Arthur Merric and Emma Minnie Boyd set down a modest family estate within the outer Melbourne suburb of Murrumbeena where they lived for the rest of their lives.

Doris and Merric Boyd, newly married, found their home there, at Murrumbeena, naming it "Open Country" and the artistic tradition continued:
The children of (William) Merric Boyd and Doris (née Gough) Boyd were:
The children of Penleigh and Edith Boyd were:
The children of Helen and Neven Read are:
  • Gayner Read (1936–1988), painter. Gayner provided her parents with two lovely grandsons.
  • Susan Read (1938–), children pennie beatson,ken easton,greame easton
  • Andrew Read (1942–),athur read , rossie read
  • Prudence Read (1947–)

It was in 1955 when David Boyd with his wife Hermia returned from a stay of several successful working years as potters in England and the south of France that the conception of this family line was popularised in a display of public relations in the press, magazines and the media (radio in 1955 but television was to arrive in 1956) that dismayed most family members. David was working full-scale promoting the circumstances of his life for the benefit of the pottery exhibitions of his and his wife's work, and magazine editors found the thick patina of past grandeur as presented to them by David irresistible and pages of glory adorned the 1955 magazines and newspaper articles. From here on, in the family's history no members could think of themselves again as quite so elite or removed although in the popular sense as an artistic family it was never greater.

The generations that followed (including those born before 1955) grew up in this imposed social and cultural circumstance. These children were:

Of Lucy and Hatton Beck:
  • Laurence Hatton Beck (1940–)[6], layman, wayfarer and journeyman.
  • Robert Hatton Beck (1942–), potter/ceramist, married Margot Gardner (daughter of painter Freidl Gardner) and they had two children.
  • Paul Hatton Beck (1948–), musician
Of Arthur and Yvonne Boyd:
Of Guy and Phyllis Boyd:
  • Lenore Boyd (1953–)
  • Sally Boyd
  • Derry Catherine (1957–), owner-operator of a graphic, web, and multimedia business, married (1)Vuthichai Satianyot (also known as Yap Guan Soon), and (2) Michael Evans. Derry and Michael had three children.
  • Kirstin Doris (1960–), writer of children's literature, married (1) John Murray, graphic designer, and had three children. Kirstin married (2) Ken Harper, drama teacher, playwright, gymnast, and circus trainer.
  • Ben
  • Charlotte Beatrice Magdalen (1968–), potter and ceramist, married John O'Donohue, digital technician. They had two children.
  • Martin Duncan Gough (1970–), writer and Spanish translator, married Paulina Derbez, violinist, and had one child.
Of David and Hermia Boyd:
  • Amanda, painter and costume designer
  • Lucinda, model and painter
  • Cassandra, painter and illustrator
Of Mary and John Perceval:
  • Matthew, painter, married Jutta, and had three children.
  • Tessa, painter
  • Celia, painter
  • Alice, painter, had four children.

The greatest talents remain those of the immediate children and grandchildren from the 14 January 1886 marriage of Emma Minnie à Beckett and Arthur Merric Boyd. But the widespread cousinage of what continued can be said to contain much to impress and be of delight and interest.

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