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Boylston Hall is a Harvard University classroom and academic office building lecture hall located on the south edge of Harvard Yard, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Its Fong Lecture Hall seats 144. [1]

Boylston Hall was built in 1858 to house the anatomical museum of Jeffries Wyman, Professor of Comparative Anatomy, who in 1866 became the first curator of the Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology [2]

It is considered by at least one authority to have been the homesite of the Rev. Thomas Hooker, first minister to the first church in Cambridge, although there are reasons to question this, including its distance from the original church site at the intersection of Dunster and Mt. Auburn Streets.[3]


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Coordinates: 42°22′24″N 71°07′02″W / 42.373332°N 71.117327°W / 42.373332; -71.117327