Brīvā Latvija

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This article is about the present-day newspaper of the Latvian diaspora in Europe. For the wartime resistance newspaper, see Brīvā Latvija (1943-44).
Brīvā Latvija
Brīvā Latvija header.png
Type weekly newspaper
Format tabloid
Owner(s) Latvian Publishers Association
Publisher ELPA
Editor Ligita Kovtuna
Founded 1986
Language Latvian
Headquarters Riga, Latvia, and Catthorpe, Leics., UK
ISSN 0934-6759

Brīvā Latvija (Free Latvia; ISSN 0934-6759) is a weekly newspaper for Latvians living outside Latvia, aimed mainly at those residing in western Europe. It was founded in 1986 through the merger of two émigré newspapers: the UK-based Londonas Avīze (London News; founded 1942) and Latvija (Latvia; founded 1946 in postwar DP camps), based in West Germany. BL is co-owned by the Latvian communities of western Europe. The Latvian communities in Britain, Germany, and Sweden each provide members for the newspaper's board. In the mid-1990s, after Latvia regained its independence, the printing of BL was moved for economic reasons to Riga, where the editorial office also later moved.

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