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Brace(s) or bracing may refer to:



  • Brace (armor), a shortened form of vambrace
  • Braces (clothing), elastic fabric straps used to support trousers (known in American English as suspenders)

Construction and industrial arts[edit]

  • Brace (tool), a hand tool for drilling holes, also known as a bit brace
  • Brace (theatre), a stabilizer for a piece of scenery
  • A reinforcement used in architecture, such as in timber framing
  • Wheel brace, aka lug wrench, used to remove nuts or bolts holding wheels to a vehicle
  • Bracing (aeronautics), struts and wires which stiffen and strengthen the airframe
  • Cross brace, a cross-beam connecting between arches that is meant to add rigidity to the construction of mining tunnels
  • Cross bracing, a system utilized to reinforce building structures in which diagonal supports intersect
  • Guy-wire, a tensioned cable designed to add stability to a free-standing structure



  • Brace Brook, tributary of the Lackawanna River in Pennsylvania
  • Brace Farm, historic home and farm in New York
  • Brace Hill, mountain located in the Catskill Mountains
  • Brace Mountain, the peak of a ridge in the southern Taconic Mountains
  • Braces Point, northeast point of Vindication Island, South Sandwich Islands
  • Meole Brace, suburb of Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England




  • Brace (sports), a term meaning "scoring twice in a game" in a number of sports (cf., hat-trick)
  • Brace (MMA), MMA organization

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