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Bramshill House – Police Staff College

The Police Staff College, Bramshill, Bramshill House, Bramshill, Hook, Hampshire, England, was until 2015[1] the principal police staff training establishment in England and Wales.


The need for a training college for the police was pushed heavily by Sir Frank Newsam, who was the second most senior Home Office civil servant in the immediate post-war years. Sir Harold Scott, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police in the late 1940s, also called for the establishment for such a college and it was established in 1948 as the National Police College (taking its present name in 1979). From 1948 to 1960 it was located at Ryton-on-Dunsmore, Warwickshire, but when Newsam became Permanent Secretary of the Home Office he secured for it a permanent base in Bramshill to which it moved in 1960.

Bramshill was part of Centrex, the Central Police Training and Development Authority, established under Part 4 of the Criminal Justice and Police Act 2001.

In 2005 was established as an agency of the European Union (EU) (Council Decision 2005/681/JHA of 20 September 2005), the European Police College.[citation needed]

On 1 April 2007, Bramshill became part of the National Policing Improvement Agency, which replaced Centrex. The NPIA supported the police service by providing expertise in areas such as serious crime analysis, training, operational support and in the development of new policing technologies and skills.[2]


The Staff College was headed by a Board of Governors, half appointed by the Home Secretary and half by local authorities. Sir Frank Newsam was the founder chair of the board. The academic and administrative head of the College was the Commandant. There was also a Deputy Commandant, who was of the rank of Assistant Chief Constable or Commander, and an Assistant Commandant.[3] Junior; Intermediate; and Senior Command Courses were run for: Inspectors/Chief Inspectors; Superintendents; and Chief Superintendents/Superintendents respectively. There was also the Special Course for sergeants.

With the creation of the professional body for policing, called the College of Policing in November 2012, the decision was taken to sell the Bramshill site.

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