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Brandon Paris Band
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Background information
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres rock, pop, reggae
Years active 2002–present
Labels formerly Koch Entertainment. currently independent
Members Brandon Paris
Marc Gladstone
Chris Murray Driver
Bryan Jasper
Brian Sanheim

Brandon Paris Band is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Brandon Paris started the band in 2002. The band performs a fusion of pop, rock, reggae, punk and soul. They have gained a huge amount of popularity in many parts of Canada and attained an already significant fan base across Canada before they signed a deal with Koch Entertainment in January 2006. They released their first song "Rewind and Start Again" in March 2006, from their debut album titled On My Own, which after a few months hit Top 20, peaking at No. 17 [1] on the Canadian CHR charts. The second single almost reached top 40 at No. 53 CHR, Topping off an already exceptional year, Brandon Paris Band was nominated for Best New Group or Solo Artist (CHR) by the Canadian Radio Music Awards in spring of 2007[2] in 2006.


The band is named after the lead singer, Brandon Paris, who was originally a solo artist and changed the name from "Brandon Paris" to "Brandon Paris Band"[3] in 2006 right before the official release of the album. He decided to add "Band" at the end of his name as he thought it was easier than having to start over from scratch with marketing a new band name.


In 2002 Paris was approached by Dave Devindisch (former bassist of the Vancouver band DDT) at a concert where he asked if he would be interested in recording a demo at his home studio. Brandon agreed and soon after, Dave and Brandon formed a two-man band playing at local venues. In 2003, Paris decided to finally record a full album with Ninjabeatz Studios in Burnaby, British Columbia, where reggae artist Dagriff was recording his solo album. Dagriff was approached by Paris and asked if he would be interested in collaborating on one song from the album he was recording. Soon after, Dagriff joined the band and became a huge influence on the band's music. Dagriff was eventually featured on more than half the album which took over two full years to eventually complete. In 2004, Greg Ellis was asked if he would play guitar on a couple songs for the album which resulted in him joining the band as well. In 2005, Chris Murray Driver, who was friends with Dave Devindisch, joined the band, and only a few months later talked his friend Marc Gladstone (keyboards) into joining the band. Both Marc and Chris are former members of the band Doug and the Slugs.

In spring 2005, Paris tried to release the songs independently to radio with no success. A few months later he approached Vancouver-based record producer Troy Samson of Hipjoint Productions[4] (Moka Only, Kreesha Turner, Snoop Dogg) and Jeff Dawson[5] (State of Shock, Kelly Rowland, Daniel Powter, Marcy Playground), to rework six of the original recordings. This took the whole project to a new level. Paris changed the name from "Brandon Paris" to "Brandon Paris Band" and decided they were finally ready to shop their debut album now titled On My Own.

in January 2006, Brandon Paris Band signed a deal with Koch Entertainment literally overnight just days after sending out their album to record labels across Canada, with many offers following. Their debut albums' first single, "Rewind and Start Again", was a huge success on commercial radio after being released on March 13, 2006. The song climbed up to top 20 on the Canadian CHR charts (tracked by Radio & Records (Billboard Information Group)).[1] "Somebody to Hold" was also well received in many cities and reached almost top 40 status peaking at No. 53. Koch Entertainment, Brandon Paris Band's record label, decided to release "Give Me a Reason (song)|Give Me a Reason" only a month after the release of "Somebody to Hold", in hopes of getting better results, but to their dismay it wasn't enough to reach top 40 status. "Give Me a Reason" unfortunately peaked at No. 77 on CHR. Topping off an already exceptional year, Brandon Paris Band was nominated for Best New Group or Solo Artist (CHR) by the Canadian Radio Music Awards in spring of 2007.[2]

In January 2007, Ellis and Devindisch were replaced by Bryan Jasper on guitar and Brian Sanheim on bass.

On November 3, 2008, Brandon Paris Band independently released their first single called "Say Goodbye" from their 2nd album titled "Pocket Full of Holes" to radio. "Say Goodbye", mixed by Mike Fraser (AC/DC; Hedley) and mastered by Adam Ayan [6] (Rolling Stones; Linkin Park), is currently receiving airplay across Canada, including reporting stations, digital stations and satellite. Additional credits on "Pocket Full of Holes" include Jeff Dawson [5] (State of Shock, Kelly Rowland, Daniel Powter, Marcy Playground; State of Shock) and Sheldon Zaharko (Billy Talent)[7] at Vancouver's legendary Factory Studios,. To add to the success of “Say Goodbye”,[8] a video was filmed for the song which was directed, shot, and edited by the lead singer himself with a $4.00 budget. The band put the video on iTunes and received so much attention that it got mentioned on radio stations across Canada and ended up getting airplay on Much Music.

"Pocket Full of Holes" was released in Canada December 1 of 2008.




Year Title Chart Positions Album
"Rewind and Start Again" 17 On My Own
"Somebody to Hold" 53
Give Me a Reason" 77
2008 Say Goodbye] Pocket Full of Holes


  • Brandon Paris – Lead vocals (2002–present)
  • Dagriff – Reggae/lead vocals (2003–present)
  • Marc Gladstone – Keys and backing vocals (2005–present)
  • Chris Murray Driver – Drums (2005–present)
  • Bryan Jasper – Guitar (2007–present)
  • Brian Sanheim – Bass backing vocals (2007–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Dave Devindisch – Bass and backing vocals (2002–2006)
  • Greg Ellis – Guitar (2004–2006)

Band member timeline[edit]

The initial band members were (based on available information):


  • Best New Group CHR in 2006 [9]


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