Bras de la Plaine Bridge

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Bras de la Plaine Bridge

Pont du Bras de la Plaine
Coordinates 21°16′35″S 55°27′55″E / 21.2764°S 55.4653°E / -21.2764; 55.4653Coordinates: 21°16′35″S 55°27′55″E / 21.2764°S 55.4653°E / -21.2764; 55.4653
CarriesMotor vehicles, Pedestrians and cyclists
CrossesBras de la Plaine River
LocaleRéunion,  France
DesignCantilever bridge, Truss bridge
MaterialConcrete and Steel
Total length305 metres (1,001 ft)
Width10.90 metres (35.8 ft)
Longest span280 metres (920 ft)
No. of spans1
Clearance below110 metres (360 ft)
Construction start2000 (2000)
Opened18 December 2002 (2002-12-18)

The Bras de la Plaine Bridge is a road bridge over the Bras de la Plaine river on Réunion island, Overseas region of France. The Bras de la Plaine bridge crosses one of the deeper gorges on the island.

The 280-metre-long (920 ft) single-span bridge is essentially two bridges, each composed of a steel Warren truss, that meet in the middle. The 10.90-metre-wide (35.8 ft) bridge comprises a 6-metre-wide (20 ft) bi-directional carriageway, two 1.35-metre-wide (4.4 ft) pedestrian pavements and two 1.10-metre-wide (3.6 ft) cycle paths. The deck is a prestressed, composite truss structure comprising two concrete slabs linked by two planes of steel tubes in triangular layout.

The Bras de la Plaine Bridge received the 2003 Outstanding Structure Award from the International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering for being an elegant slender single span composite truss bridge with innovative construction details.

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Coordinates: 21°16′35″S 55°27′55″E / 21.27639°S 55.46528°E / -21.27639; 55.46528