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Brendan Carr
Brendan Carr in 2010
Born (1980-03-26) 26 March 1980 (age 35)
Great Yarmouth,
Years active 1995–present

Brendan Carr (born 26 March 1980) in is a British actor and film producer.


Born in Great Yarmouth, England, Carr trained at Stagecoach School of Performing Arts while attending regular school at The Grange in his home town of Aylesbury.[1][2]

Carr began his acting career playing a role in a film short called Pure Vengeance alongside Scott Adkins[3] from The Expendables 2 and Gordon Alexander. He then appeared in BBC2's Masters of Combat as Master Kali's (Rachel Grant) disciple. He later went on to play Max Ryan in Jesus The Curry King alongside Pooja Shah, The film was produced by Aylesbury film company and was one of the first films to be screened digitally across cinemas in the UK via Quantum digital.[4][5]

In 2004, Carr had his first big break in a movie called The Purifiers, where he played Moz alongside Dominic Monaghan.[6]

In 2005, Carr played Clifford in Love Struck, with Joey Ansah from The Bourne Ultimatum, which won Best Film in the London Portobello Film Festival.[7][8][9]

Other credits include Band of Brothers (2001), The Avatar (2003), Left For Dead (2004), Starhyke (2006) and the Royal Variety Performance.[10]

In 2006–2007 Carr played Jason in Rise of the Foot Soldier, alongside Craig Fairbrass, Terry Stone, Billy Murry, Ian Virgo and Rikki Harnett.[11]

In 2007, Carr played Ryan in Ten Dead Men with Terry Stone, Jason Maza, Silvio Simac and Pooja Shah.[12][13][14][15]

In 2008, Carr joined Howard Webster (Factory Publishing) as an associate producer as well as playing a Russian, Boris, in Dragon Soccer.[16]

In 2011, Carr was Cast to play the Lead villain Lord Tethryn rouge leader of the raiders in Warrioress a film about two powerful female warriors that must journey across a post-apocalyptic land to fight a ritual duel, and fulfill an ancient prophecy.The film is due for release in 2013 with talks of a TV series Warrioress and a Sequel.[17]

In 2011, Carr showed that he is a multi talented Actor once again by breaking the mould of his typical type cast bad guy roles when he was cast to play the Lead Character and Voice for a Comedic Crocodile in a series of TV Commercials for Crocbids.[18][19]

In 2012 Carr was cast in a New Sci-Fi TV Series called safelight-19, In the series Carr plays Rookie Outrider Martin Black, Although maintaining his hard man Presence Carr's Character Black is a Novice Outrider working his way through the Ranks while trying to impress his superior Gus Reynolds played by Ian Virgo. Safelight-19, Carr was later asked if he would jump on board as an Associate producer[20]

In 2013 Carr was cast as Sanchez in a new British Action movie titled He who dares[21] and went straight into shooting The Flower of sarnia a British Sci-Fi feature film, Carr plays a freedom fighter named Brook in the movie and 2 of his children also star in the film, The flower of sarnia is due for release in 2015.

Carr is also a producer and founder of Sleepercell Productions. Carr was an Associate Producer on Dragon Soccer, Ten dead men and The flower of sarnia and is co-producing, The Executioner, Tower of the dead all due to go into production in 2015, In 2014 Carr Produced a Film Short Titled Salvation due to it over whelming response he is now developing the idea into a full feature.[22]



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