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Brent Eccles was the drummer for The Angels, an Australian pub rock band and, in chronological order, he was also drummer in: The Breed, Vox Pop, Stuart & The Belmonts, Streetalk, Space Waltz, After Hours, and Citizen Band.[1]

Eccles left Citizen Band in 1981, after successfully auditioning for The Angels and remained there until they split up in 2000. During this time he also managed Johnny Diesel & The Injectors, The Poor and The Angels. He is the father of former Betchadupa drummer, and now Das Pop drummer Matt Eccles.[2] Today Brent lives in New Zealand and runs his own agency Brent Eccles Entertainment as well as representing Frontier Touring, A Day On The Green and Liberation Music. Along with Campbell Smith Brent also heads Civic Events who run the annual Acoustic Church Tour and the Winery Tour


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