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The former Brent Town Hall - the building survives in the form of Lycée Français, a French language school

Brent Town Hall was a landmark in Wembley Park in the London Borough of Brent, northwest London, England. The building was completed in 1940.[1] It has been a Grade II listed building since 1990. The building is over 90,000 square feet with a site area of about 5.3 acres. The building is T-shaped, with a long facade on Forty Lane.

In 1951, Pevsner described it as "the best of the modern town halls around London, neither fanciful nor drab".[2] It has been described as an English interpretation of Modernism, using brick rather than concrete.

In 2009 the council wanted to delist its status to facilitate redevelopment of the site.[3]

On 5 February 2013, the council sold the building after over 60 years. The council was due to relocate to the new Brent Civic Centre which open in August that year. Man services of the Town Hall, including the library, were relocated to the Civic Centre.

The French Education Property Trust purchased the site and will be transformed into an international French school called Lycée Français, due to open in 2014.


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