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The Brest Free Economic Zone was created in Brest, the gateway city at the border of Belarus and Poland in 1996. Brest is a perfect place for a free economic zone. It has been a crossroads for trade and transit for centuries. Now it is a primary transit hub in Belarus. The Brest Free Economic Zone covers the total area of 71 km², comprising 3 big sites. The biggest site is located in a northern suburb of Brest, bordered by Poland to the west. The site is intersected by a motorway with heavy freight traffic from Europe to Russia. Here the border crossing “Kozlovichi-Kukuryki”, the biggest crossing point at the border of the EU and the CIS, is handling exclusively freight traffic day and night. A first class international airport handles and services even heavy aircraft.

Trains are transferred to the European gauge rails in Brest. There is a river port in Brest, and the cargoes reloaded here onto river vessels can travel further on along the waterway that includes the Dnieper-Bug Canal, as far as the Black Sea ports.

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