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Scientific classification

Breed 1953

Breed 1953
Type species
Brevibacterium linens

B. acetyliticum
B. albidum
B. antiquum
B. aurantiacum
B. avium
B. casei
B. celere
B. divaricatum
B. epidermidis
B. frigoritolerans
B. halotolerans
B. immotum
B. iodinum
B. linens
B. luteolum
B. luteum
B. mcbrellneri
B. otitidis
B. oxydans
B. paucivorans
B. permense
B. picturae
B. samyangense
B. sanguinis
B. stationis

Brevibacterium is a genus of bacteria of the order Actinomycetales. They are Gram-positive soil organisms. It is the sole genus in the family Brevibacteriaceae.

Re-classified species[edit]

Further reading[edit]

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