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The World Championship is an annual competition started in 1955 for BriSCA Formula 1 Stock Cars. It is the premier championship of the formula and the winner is granted the honour of racing with a gold roof and wing until the next World Final, and if desired they can race under number 1.


The World Final is usually held in September. The host tracks, all of which are based in the UK, are decided by the BriSCA promoters.

The grid for the World Final is mostly composed of drivers from the UK who are chosen through a series of qualifying rounds and two World Championship Semi-Finals. Drivers who fail to progress from the World Semi-Finals may race again in a Consolation Semi-Final to choose two more entrants, and the reigning World Champion is entitled to start at the rear of the grid if they have not already qualified. The UK drivers are joined by stock car drivers from the Netherlands, and by invited drivers in the nearest equivalent motorsport formulas from other countries often including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA.

The most successful driver in World Final races is John Lund, who has won eight. Other notable multiple winners include Stuart Smith (six), Andy Smith (five), Peter Falding (four), Johnny Brise, Dave Chisholm and Frankie Wainman Junior (three).

List of winners[edit]

There were two races promoted as the World Championship in 1955, at Harringay and Belle Vue.

All drivers are British, except where marked.

Year Winner[1] Second Third Venue
1955 Mac McDonnell Joe Farley Percy Betts Harringay
1955 Jerry Wojtowicz Vic Ferriday Steve Storm Belle Vue, Manchester
1956 Johnny Brise Jimmy Gee Vic Ferriday Belle Vue, Manchester
1957 Aubrey Leighton Doug Wardropper Harry Foot Belle Vue, Manchester
1958 Bob Reeve Graham Warner Aubrey Leighton Belle Vue, Manchester
1959 Johnny Brise Fred Mitchell Doug Wardropper Belle Vue, Manchester
1960 Johnny Brise Fred Mitchell Doug Wardropper Coventry
1961 Jock Lloyd Johnny King Ted Pankhurst West Ham
1962 Fred Mitchell Ken Freeman Alan Wardropper Belle Vue, Manchester
1963 Doug Wardropper Ted Pankhurst Alan Wardropper Harringay
1964 Trevor Frost Don Evans Nev Hughes Coventry
1965 Ellis Ford Alan Wardropper Ron Rogers West Ham
1966 Fred Mitchell Ron Rogers Charlie Finnikin Belle Vue, Manchester
1967 George Ansell Johnny Pratt Ron Rogers Harringay
1968 Tony Neal Ron Rogers Charlie Finnikin Coventry
1969 Stuart Smith Jim Esau Gerry Weir Belle Vue, Manchester
1970 Jim Esau Stuart Smith Pete Webb Harringay
1971 Doug Cronshaw Ian Durham George Ansell Coventry
1972 Stuart Smith Mick Noden Doug Cronshaw Belle Vue, Manchester
1973 Dave Chisholm Stuart Smith Doug Cronshaw Harringay
1974 Dave Chisholm Stuart Smith Mick Noden Coventry
1975 Dave Chisholm Stuart Smith Doug Cronshaw Belle Vue, Manchester
1976 Stuart Bamforth Gordon Smith Frankie Wainman White City, Manchester
1977 Mike Close Frankie Wainman Willie Harrison Coventry
1978 Dave Mellor John Hillam Glyn Pursey Belle Vue, Manchester
1979 Frankie Wainman Mick Noden Bert Finnikin White City, Manchester
1980 Stuart Smith Dave Mellor John Lund Coventry
1981 Len Wolfenden Brian Powles Mike Close Odsal, Bradford
1982 Willie Harrison Mike Close Dave Berresford Belle Vue, Manchester
1983 Stuart Smith Danny Clarke Willie Harrison Coventry
1984 Stuart Smith Len Wolfenden Dave Mellor Belle Vue, Manchester
1985 Stuart Smith Len Wolfenden Bert Finnikin Odsal, Bradford
1986 Peter Falding Dave Mellor Stuart Smith Coventry
1987 John Lund Frankie Wainman Dave Berresford Belle Vue, Manchester
1988 John Lund John Toulson Chris Elwell Hednesford
1989 Ray Tyldesley Peter Falding Des Chandler Coventry
1990 Bert Finnikin Dave Berresford John Lund Odsal, Bradford
1991 John Lund Bert Finnikin Peter Falding Hednesford
1992 John Lund Bobby Burns Peter Falding Odsal, Bradford
1993 Peter Falding Paul Harrison Kev Smith Coventry
1994 Andy Smith Kev Smith Dave Berresford Odsal, Bradford
1995 Keith Chambers Des Chandler Murray Harrison Hednesford
1996 John Lund Paul Harrison Frankie Wainman Junior Coventry
1997 John Lund Frankie Wainman Junior Peter Falding Odsal, Bradford
1998 Frankie Wainman Junior Rob Pearce Paul Harrison Coventry
1999 Murray Harrison Frankie Wainman John Lund Coventry
2000 John Lund Andy Smith Murray Harrison Coventry
2001 Rob Speak Frankie Wainman Junior Andy Smith Hednesford
2002 John Lund Rob Speak Dave Johnson Coventry
2003 Peter Falding Murray Harrison Steve Cayzer Coventry
2004 Peter Falding Ed Neachell Steve Cayzer Coventry
2005 Frankie Wainman Junior NetherlandsDave Schaap Andy Smith Northampton
2006 Andy Smith Frankie Wainman Junior Stuart Smith Junior Coventry
2007 Stuart Smith Junior Frankie Wainman Junior Andy Smith King's Lynn Stadium
2008 Andy Smith Paul Harrison NetherlandsRon Kroonder Ipswich
2009 Andy Smith Frankie Wainman Junior Paul Harrison King's Lynn Stadium
2010 Andy Smith Frankie Wainman Junior Craig Finnikin Coventry
2011 Paul Harrison Dan Johnson Andy Smith Northampton
2012 Lee Fairhurst Dan Johnson Frankie Wainman Junior Skegness
2013 Tom Harris Craig Finnikin Ryan Harrison King's Lynn Stadium
2014 Craig Finnikin Stuart Smith Junior Dan Johnson Coventry
2015 Rob Speak Frankie Wainman Junior Mat Newson King's Lynn Stadium
2016 Frankie Wainman Junior Rob Speak Lee Fairhurst Coventry
2017 Nigel Green Ryan Harrison Frankie Wainman Junior Ipswich
2018 Skegness


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