Scarus frenatus

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Scarus frenatus
Scarus frenatus by Ewa Barska.jpg
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes
Family: Scaridae
Genus: Scarus
Species: S. frenatus
Binomial name
Scarus frenatus
Lacepède, 1802

Callyodon frenatus (Lacepède, 1802)
Callyodon sexvittatus (Rüppell, 1835)
Callyodon upolensis Jordan & Seale, 1906
Callyodon vermiculatus Fowler & Bean, 1928
Scarus randalli Schultz, 1958
Scarus sexvittatus Rüppell, 1835
Scarus vermiculatus (Fowler & Bean, 1928)

Scarus frenatus is a species of parrotfish.[2] Common names include bridled parrotfish, sixband or six-banded parrotfish or vermiculate parrotfish.[1]


This species grows to a maximum length of 47 cm,[3] and can be distinguished by its patterns and colouration. Its appearance changes during its life phases. During the initial phase, it has a reddish to brown colour, six to seven dark, horizontal stripes along its body, and red fins.[4] In males, during the terminal phase, the posterior of the body and the lower half of the head appear abruptly lighter. Also, in males, the caudal fins appear blue-green with a large, orange, crescent-shaped area.[4]


Scarus frenatus is found in the Indo-Pacific region from the Red Sea to the Line Islands and Ducie Island, and as far north as southern Japan, to its southernmost location at Shark Bay in Western Australia, Lord Howe Island, and Rapa Iti in French Polynesia. It is not found in the waters of Hawaii.[3]

Habitat and behavior[edit]

Normally, the bridled parrotfish occurs at depths of 1-25 m[3] on exposed outer reefs, occasionally in extremely shallow water. Juvenile specimens may be found in lagoons living within the rubble and coral of the reefs.[3] This species is generally a solitary fish. While feeding, it may join schools of mixed species.[3] It grazes on algae growing in the benthic zone.[3]


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