Brigitta Lars Anderssons

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Brigitta Lars Anderssons or Brigitta Andersdotter (fl. 1549), was a Swedish medicine woman, a so-called Cunning woman, who was appreciated and hired by the Swedish queen Margaret Leijonhufvud and her siblings. "Brigitta Lars Anderssons" means "Brigitta, the wife of Lars Andersson".

Brigitta is mentioned the 15 March 1549, when the queen in a letter to her sister "King Martha" recommended "Brigitta Lars Anderssons", who was at the time seeing to her own health, to her sister during her illness. Martha's illness was cured and "The loveable Brigitta Lars Anderssons", as they called her, was often recommended and hired by the queen and the queens siblings during sickness. During the travels of the royal couple, when the royal children were often left in the care of the queens mother and relatives, Brigitta Lars Anderssons attended to them.


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