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Brita Lucie Collett Paus (born on 3 July 1917 as Brita Lucie Collett in Salsbruket in the Kolvereid municipality, now Nærøy municipality, Norway – died on 28 June 1998, Oslo, Norway) was a Norwegian humanitarian leader and the founder of Fransiskushjelpen, a Catholic charitable organisation in Norway. She led the organisation from 1956 until 1993.[1][2]

She converted to Catholicism from Lutheranism in 1950, and served as chair of the Laity Council of the Catholic Diocese of Oslo, as board member of Caritas in Norway from 1965 and member of governmental committees.

She was married to orthopedic surgeon Bernhard Paus, the Grand Master of the Norwegian Order of Freemasons. Their daughter Lucie Paus Falck became a politician.

She was the daughter of landowner Axel Collett and Lucie Trozelli Krefting, and a member of the Collett family.



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