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British Organic Geochemical Society (BOGS) is an organization that aims to promote, exchange and discuss all aspects of organic geochemistry. It also aims to facilitate academic and social networking between British organic geochemists.

Structure of BOGS meetings[edit]

BOGS meetings usually occur over a two-day period, and usually involve: Oral presentations (lasting 15 minutes), Poster presentations and social events (i.e. evening meal).

History of BOGS[edit]

BOGS was formed in 1987. The founding members were: Prof G.A. Wolff [1] (University of Liverpool), Dr G.D. Abbott [2] (University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Dr L.A. McEvoy (then at University of Bangor) and Prof S.J. Rowland [3] (University of Plymouth).

The first meeting of BOGS was held in Bangor (Wales) on 13–15 July 1988. The society meets annually, and the location of the meeting usually occurs at (or near) a university department with links to research in organic geochemistry.

Annual Meetings of BOGS[edit]

Annual meetings of BOGS have been held at: Liverpool (1989), Bideford (1990), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1992), Plymouth (1993), Aberdeen (1994), Bristol (1995), Liverpool (1996), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (1997), Plymouth (1998), York (1999), Bristol (2000), Gregynog, Wales (2001), Newcastle-upon-Tyne (2002), Plymouth (2003), Nottingham (2004), Liverpool (2005), Milton Keynes (2006). BOGS did not meet in 2007, as this would have clashed with the 23rd International Meeting of Organic Geochemistry (IMOG)[4] event that was occurring in Torquay. Since 2007 BOGS has met at Newcastle (2008), Bristol (2009), Manchester (2010), Swansea (2011), Leeds (2012), Plymouth (2013), Liverpool (2014), Glasgow (2015), Imperial College London (2016) and Open University, Milton Keynes (2017).


It is free to become a member of BOGS. To join the mailing list for BOGS, an email is sent to the BOGS webmaster at:

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