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Gender Female
Language(s) Swedish
Region of origin Sweden
Other names
Derived Birgitta
Related names Birgitta, Brighid, Bridget

Britta (also spelled Brita) is a female given name that is a variant of the Swedish name Birgitta, which is a form of the Irish Gaelic name Brighid (Bridget in English). The name Britta became popular in Scandinavia and Germany because of St. Bridget of Sweden.

People named Britta[edit]

Fictional characters[edit]

  • Britta Perry, fictional character in the television series Community
  • Britta McMann, fictional character in the television series Go Girls
  • Britta, fictional character in the novel The Drifters
  • The Groovy Girls doll line, by Manhattan Toy, features a doll named Britta.
  • Princess Academy, by Shannon Hale, features a girl named Britta.

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