Brittney Ryan

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Brittney Ryan
BornPortland, OR, United States
OccupationAuthor, composer, singer, dancer, and storyteller
GenreJuvenile fantasy
Notable works The Legend of Holly Claus and sequels

Brittney Ryan is an American New York Times bestselling author,[1] of children's fantasy novels with a Christmas theme, but also has a background in the arts as a performer, dancer, composer, and theatrical storyteller.

Personal life[edit]

Brittney Ryan is a native of Portland, Oregon where she attended the University of Portland's School of Performing & Fine Arts. She currently resides in California.


A reviewer from Publisher Weekly recommends The Legend of Holly Claus to "searching for a lush and leisurely Yuletide read."[2] The debut of the Holly Claus series was published by Harper Collins and marketed as part of the Julie Andrews Collection[3] along with children's books that were written by the actress Julie Andrews using the name Julie Andrews Edwards.[4]


Holly Claus[edit]

  • The Legend of Holly Claus (novel) (2004)
  • Holly Claus: The Christmas Princess (Julie Andrews Collection) (2007)


The Legend of Holly Claus has been made into a ballet called Holly Claus: The Ballet of Dreams with the libretto updated by the author and the director/choreographer Idalee Hutson-Fish.[5]

Letter Writing[edit]

In 2005 the United States Post Office recognized the fictionalized setting of the Holly Claus novels as an address. Children can send mail to the main character from the novel by addressing their letter to: "Holly Claus, The Royal Palace, The City of Forever, The Land of the Immortals." The Post Office has assigned The Land of Immortals its own zip code of 90209-1225. Brittney Ryan replies to the letters from the perspective of Holly Claus.[6]


Quill Award nominee for best book of the year 2005[7]


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