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Bro is a slang term for a male friend, derived by truncating the word "brother". It may also refer to:


  • Bro, Stockholm, a place in Upplands-Bro Municipality, Stockholm County, Sweden
  • Bro, Gotland on Gotland Island, Sweden
  • Kristinehamn, formerly a town called Bro or Broo in Värmland County, Sweden


  • Bro (singer) (born 1996), Danish singer, real name Kevin Andreasen, known by the artistic name Bro
  • Jakob Bro (born 1978), Danish guitarist and composer
  • Nicolas Bro (born 1972), Danish actor

Arts and entertainment[edit]

Computer science[edit]

  • Bro, the previous name of Zeek, an intrusion detection system for Unix-based systems.



  • 10128 Bro, one of the asteroids in the main belt


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