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Carlton broadcasting from Hoboken NJ in WFMU fundraiser in 2008

Bronwyn Carlton is an American comic book author, editor, and radio DJ. She has written a number of DC Comics titles, including Catwoman and The Books of Faerie, as well as the Paradox Press imprint title, The Big Book of Death.[1]

She has worked as an editor for both DC and Marvel. At DC she worked on both the Paradox Press and Piranha Press imprints; at Marvel she worked on the Marvel Knights line.

In 2008, she was featured in the documentary film Guest of Cindy Sherman.[2]

She is also a DJ for WFMU, a free-form radio station in New Jersey. She has hosted various shows since late 1988, including "Truck Stop Tea Party," and currently hosts "Sportsy Talk with Bronwyn C.& Jim the Poet."

Carlton has spoken publicly about her experience with prosopagnosia ("face blindness"),[3] and is an advocate for recognition of that condition as a disability.

Personal life[edit]

Ms. Carlton attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon, where she earned a Bachelor's degree in psychology/animal behavior.[4] She has been married to illustrator Sean Taggart since 1991.[5]


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