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The Bronzen Adhemar (Dutch for "Brass Adhemar") is the official Flemish Community Cultural Prize for Comics, given to a Flemish comics author for his body of work. It is awarded by the Flemish Ministry of Culture during Strip Turnhout, the major Flemish comics festival, once every two years.[1]


Continuin the idea of a comics award given once in 1972, the prize was definitely installed by the makers of the magazine Ciso in 1977, "to emphasize and enhance the quality of Flemish comics".[2] From 1979 on, the winner also got an exposition during the festival in Turnhout. The prize then changed from yearly to two-yearly.

The organisation of the Award was transferred to the "Bronzen Adhemar Stichting" in 1991, and again to the Flemish Community in 2003, when a monetary prize of 12,500 Euro was added to the statue all winners received.

The name[edit]

The "Bronzen Adhemar" (Brass Adhemar) is named after Adhemar, the son of Nero, one of the classic Flemish comics. Twice, a "Gouden Adhemar" (Golden Adhemar) was awarded on special occasions.



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