Brother Down

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For the song, see Brother Down (song)

Brother Down
Studio album by Sam Roberts
Released 2000
Recorded 2000 in Montreal, Quebec
Genre Rock
Length 53:42
Producer Sam Roberts
Sam Roberts chronology
Brother Down
The Inhuman Condition

Brother Down is a rare, unreleased collection of demo recordings by Sam Roberts, a Canadian rock musician and singer/songwriter. Some of the songs on this collection appear on later albums. "Brother Down" was not mass-manufactured, and was simply burned by Sam onto CD-R's with colour photocopy artwork and track listing. Only ten were originally run, and given to friends and family.

A re-recorded version of the album's title track, which appeared on Roberts' 2002 release The Inhuman Condition, was Roberts' breakthrough hit single in Canada.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Sam Roberts

  1. "Step Inside"
  2. "Climb Over Me"
  3. "Brother Down"
  4. "For The Ladies"
  5. "Got Soul But No Money"
  6. "(Baby You) Got Me On The Run"
  7. "Embrasse-Moi"
  8. "Durban Poison"
  9. "Magic On My Mind"
  10. "Sunny Lemon Tina"
  11. "Canadian Dream"
  12. "You Would Never Make Me Cry No"