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Bruce Wrighton (born July 6, 1950 in Binghamton, New York—October 3, 1988) was an American photographer.


Wrighton worked as a photographer only a few years with his 8 × 10 inches camera in the years 1986 to 1988 in his hometown and the closer environment. In these years, three series of photographs were made: one-time portraits, showing portraits of the inhabitants and the workers of Binghamton with their furrowed faces and worn-out clothing. In the second series Dinosaurs and Dreamboats, he portrayed the classic American streetcrosses of the 1950s in front of the urban architecture of this time in Binghamton. The third collection of photographs of St. George and the Dragon shows the motifs found in Binghamton and its surroundings, such as churches, pubs or apartments.

Twenty years after Wrighton's death, his work was rediscovered by New York City's Laurence Miller Gallery[1] and his photographs have also been shown in European galleries since then. Since 2010, two monographs have been published in the Berlin-based publishing house Only Photography - Roland Angst.


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  • At Home Reloaded. Only Photography, Berlin 2015, ISBN 978-3-9816885-6-6.[2]


  • 2014: Bruce Wrighton. Downtown Men, Laurence Miller Gallery, New York City, USA.
  • 2011/2012: Bruce Wrighton. At Home, Galerie Robert Morat, Hamburg.


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