Brule Lake

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For other uses, see Brule Lake (disambiguation).
Brule Lake
Location Iron County, Michigan / Forest County, Wisconsin,
United States
Coordinates 46°03′22″N 88°50′20″W / 46.056°N 88.839°W / 46.056; -88.839Coordinates: 46°03′22″N 88°50′20″W / 46.056°N 88.839°W / 46.056; -88.839
Primary outflows Brule River
Basin countries United States
Max. length 2 mi (3.2 km)
Surface area 250 acres (1.0 km2)
Surface elevation 1,552 ft (473 m)
References U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Brule Lake

Brule Lake forms part of the border between the States of Michigan and Wisconsin[1] and is the headwater of the Brule River at 46°02′23″N 88°50′59″W / 46.03972°N 88.84972°W / 46.03972; -88.84972.[2]

The source of the name is the Ojibwa name for the river, "Wisakota", meaning burned or burnt, which the French Voyageurs translated as Brûlé.

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