Bruni Glass

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Bruni Glass
Industry Glass
Founded 1974
Headquarters Milan, Italy

Bruni Glass is a supplier of premium and specialty glass packaging for the spirits, wine, food, and gourmet markets.[1][2][3][4] The company was founded in Milan, Italy in 1974.[5]

The company has locations in France, Spain, the United States, Canada and China. The company is independently certified by CISQ-IMQ (Italian Institute for the Quality Mark) to ISO 9001 standards.[6]

They are well known for manufacturing the glass skulls for Crystal Head Vodka,[7][8][9] as well as for running the Bruni Glass Design Award, which is an international design contest that celebrates glass packaging design.[10]

In 2016, Berlin Packaging acquired the company. Bruni Glass is operated as Bruni Glass, A Berlin Packaging Company. At the time, Bruni had sales of $150 million across 7,000 customers and 100 countries.[11]


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