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Bruno Côté in 2006.

Bruno Côté (August 10, 1940 – June 30, 2010)[1] was a contemporary Canadian landscape painter.


Bruno Côté was born in Quebec City in August 1940. His youth in a family where art held a strong significance encouraged the development of his artistic talents. He joined the family's publicity business in 1957. In 1978 he moved to Baie-Saint-Paul, where he held his first important solo exhibition. In 1980 he began to travel, painting landscapes in many different regions of Canada. Bruno Côté is represented by art galleries across Canada. Such art galleries have been for example, in the Chateau Laurier hotel of Ottawa Canada.[2] In 2008 the Canadian Parliament gave Côté's painting, The Portage Trail to the Parliament of Scotland to mark the opening of the Scottish Parliament Building.[3]

Côté died on June 30, 2010 in Baie-Saint-Paul, after prostate cancer had metastasized.[4]

Public collections[edit]

  • Ambassade de Corée
  • Canadian Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
  • American Embassy, Ottawa
  • Centre National d'exposition Baie‑St‑Paul
  • Confederation Art Gallery and Museum, Charlottetown
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, U.S.A
  • Musée D'Art Contemporain de Montréal (collection Lavalin)
  • Musée de Charlevoix
  • Musée des beaux-arts de Montréal
  • Musée Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Montréal
  • United Nations, New York
  • Scottish Parliament, Edinburg, Scotland
  • Simon Fraser University Gallery, Vancouver
  • Université Laval
  • University of New Brunswick



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