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Dionysos and a satyr on a vase made by Brygos and painted by the Brygos Painter, ca. 480 BC (Cabinet des Médailles, Paris)

Brygos was an ancient Greek potter, active in Athens between 490 and 470 BC. He is known as a producer of excellent drinking cups. About 200 of his pieces are known. The workshop of Brygos employed a red-figure vase painter who is conventionally called the Brygos Painter.

Rhyton in the shape of a mule's head made by Brygos

The Brygos Painter is one of the most famous vase painters of his time. His work is characterised by its high quality and realistic depictions. The workshop of Brygos also employed the Briseis Painter, among others.

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Three views of a rhyton in the shape of a dog's head made by Brygos, early 5th century BC; both the mule and the dog rhytons pictured here are from the Jérôme Carcopino Museum, Department of Archaeology, Aleria

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