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Bseiso (Arabic: بسيسو‎) (also spelled Beseiso, Bsaiso, Bsesou, Bsiso, Bseisu,... etc.) is an Arab (Levantine) surname of Palestinian origins, dating back to the 13th Century of Hijra (late 18th century / early 19th century on the Gregorian calendar)[1]. They are amongst one of the largest and well respected Palestinian families in Palestine and are well known throughout the region. The first individuals with the surname 'Bseiso' are traced back to Gaza in Palestine, though today descendants are scattered around the world, primarily in Palestine, Jordan, Kuwait. The Bseiso family's roots come from the Kayyali Family (Arabic: عائلة الكيالي‎), and the forefather who was first nicknamed "Bseiso" was Ahmed Al-Kayyali (Arabic: أحمد الكيالي بسيسو‎).

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