Bubblegum Dreams

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Bubblegum Dreams
Queers-Bubblegum Dreams.jpg
EP by The Queers
Released July, 1996
Genre Pop punk, punk rock
Label Lookout!
The Queers chronology
Look Ma No Flannel
Bubblegum Dreams
Everything's O.K.

Bubblegum Dreams is an EP by pop punk band The Queers.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Punk Rock Girls" (from the album Don't Back Down)
  2. "Never Ever Ever"
  3. "Little Honda"
  4. "End It All"


  • Joe King - Guitar, Vocals
  • B-Face - Bass
  • Hugh O'Neill - Drums
  • J.J. Rassler - Guitar, Vocals
  • Lisa Marr - Backup vocals