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Budda Amplification is an American company that designs and manufactures electric guitar amplifiers and effects pedals. Founded by chief designer Jeff Bober and Scot Sier[1] in 1995, the company debuted its first amplifier, the 18-watt Class A/B Twinmaster Ten, at the NAMM show the following year, receiving orders for 65 units despite not having the facilities to make them.[2] The Twinmaster's success led to broader interest in low-wattage "boutique" amplifiers[3] and the success of the company.[2] Budda has since released the Superdrive line in a variety of higher wattage models, the discontinued Dual Stage, Stringmaster, and an updated 10th anniversary reissue of the Twinmaster Ten.[2] Their pedals include the BudWah wah wah pedal and the Zenman and Phatman distortion pedals.[citation needed]

The Budda brand is now owned and manufactured by Peavey Electronics.


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