Third Belgrade Gymnasium

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Third Belgrade Gymnasium
Native name
Serbian: Трећа београдска гимназија
Трећа београдска гимназија.JPG
Location Belgrade, 11000 , Serbia
Coordinates 44°48′19″N 20°28′00″E / 44.80528°N 20.46667°E / 44.80528; 20.46667Coordinates: 44°48′19″N 20°28′00″E / 44.80528°N 20.46667°E / 44.80528; 20.46667
Type building
Designated 1906.

The Third Belgrade Gymnasium is located at 15 Njegoš, in Belgrade. Building have the status of cultural monument of great importance.[1]


Building the Third Belgrade High School, built in 1906. Building was designed by Architects Dusan Zivanovic and Dragutin Djordjevic. The construction work was carried out by Vasa Tesic. Architectural plastic was carried out Francis Waldman. The painted decoration of the interior was carried out the Dragutin Inkiostri Gingerbread Pasko Vucetic.


Architecture is designed in the academic style. Building poses a ground floor, as well as first floor. It is designed as a free structures, withdrawn to the street, with a basis in the form of the Cyrillic letter "Ш". Concept includes major longitudinal tract, with prominent central projection, and three transverse backyard wings, of which is a medium significantly shorter. The facade is based on strictly conducted classical symmetry. The central projection of the main facade is very pronounced, as part of the caryatids on the entrance portal of the building. Columns are duplicated on the floor, together with a rich plastic decoration of windows and three bronze busts - Dositej Obradovic, Vuk Karadzic, Joseph Pančić, of renowned sculptor Peter Ubavkic. Building of the Third Belgrade Gymnasium was nominated for Cultural Monument in 1964.

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