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Developer(s) Jim Fulton (programmer)
Stable release
2.11.4 / May 14, 2018; 4 months ago (2018-05-14)
Repository Edit this at Wikidata
Written in Python
Operating system Windows, POSIX
Type Software development tools
License Zope Public License
Website, PyPI page

Buildout is an open source software build tool. Buildout is created using the Python programming language. It implements a principle of separation of configuration from the scripts that do the setting up. Buildout is primarily used to download and set up dependencies in Python eggs format of the software being developed or deployed. Recipes for build tasks in any environment can be created, and many are already available.

Major features[edit]

  • Configuration files are INI format
  • Support for setuptools and eggs[1]
  • Plugin support through Buildout recipes[2]

Sample configuration[edit]

  develop = .
  parts = test

  recipe = zc.recipe.testrunner
  eggs = theegg

Notable applications[edit]

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