Built Like That (album)

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Built Like That
Built Like That (album).jpg
Studio album by Alix Olson
Released 2 June 2001
Genre Spoken word
Label Subtle Sister Productions
Alix Olson chronology
Built Like That
Independence Meal

Built Like That is the debut spoken word CD of the internationally acclaimed folk poet and spoken word artist Alix Olson. It was originally released on June 2, 2001 (2001-06-02) under the label of Subtle Sister Productions.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Eve's Mouth"
  2. "Daughter"
  3. "Cute for a Girl"
  4. "Built Like That"
  5. "Deadbeat Daddy"
  6. "America's On Sale"
  7. "Checking My Pulse"
  8. "Subtle Sister"
  9. "The Compliment"
  10. "Dear Mr. President"
  11. "Warriors"
  12. "Myth"
  13. "Sticks"
  14. "Hit It Girls"
  15. "Armpit Hair (Mammally Factual)"
  16. "Witches"
  17. "Picnic Table"
  18. "Popcorn and Laughter"
  19. "Gender Game"
  20. "Criminal"
  21. "Cunt Cuntry"
  22. "I Believe"