Buku Harian Nayla

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Buku Harian Nayla
Country of origin Indonesia
No. of episodes 15
Running time 60 minutes (including commercial)
Original network RCTI
Original release December 11 – December 25, 2006
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Buku Harian Nayla (Nayla's Diary) is an Indonesian Christian television drama which aired on RCTI. The scenario was written by Serena Luna. The story is about a girl who was diagnosed with Ataxia when she was young. This serial gained a national rating of 30.8% throughout Indonesian viewers[citation needed]. Due to overwhelming fans' responses, RCTI did re-runs at 4.30 PM every Monday and Friday, but, unlike the original run, the re-run cut its playtime into 30 minutes including commercials. A second season, Buku Harian Nayla: 8 Tahun Kemudian (Nayla's Diary: 8 Years After) is scheduled to air on April 13, 2015.


Everything seemed to be perfect for Nayla as she was a bright, diligent, always happy, basketball talented girl. She was also very devoted to her religion. In school, she was the class leader and meets a handsome senior (Senpai).

Despite her good luck and hard work, Nayla was diagnosed with ataxia, which would soon paralyze her. She hadn't found out though. Dr Fritz who examined her asked her to write a diary (actually Dr Fritz wanted her to do this so he could monitor Nayla's health development).

A couple of days later, Martha saw Dr Fritz in order to find out the results of Nayla's examination. Martha was surprised to discover the results, but told Nayla nothing. One day, Nayla met a patient who had symptoms similar to hers.

Nayla asked her doctor but he refused to tell her because he thought he didn't have any right to tell her. Nayla's health worsened and Martha reluctantly told her. This came as something of a relief to Mayla, as she now knew what was happening to her, and what her prognosis was. Soon Nayla had to use an electric wheelchair. Nayla's good friends amongst her classmates were always there for here, but some of her classmates began to be annoyed at being in the same class with Nayla.

Time went by, Nayla successfully graduated. Her friends started to think about their future and entering university. Nayla was sad. The only thing that made her felt better was to write. She kept writing even though her hands started to be difficult to move. Moses entered medical school which wasn't his dream at first. He wanted to become doctor so that he can heal Nayla.

Nayla realized that she hadn't long to live, and that her death would hurt Moses deeply. Nayla determined to call their relationship off. But secretly, Moses never took his eyes from Nayla.

Nayla's disease worsened more quickly than Dr Fritz's prediction. There were times when Nayla almost died because of choking or difficulties breathing but Nayla always fought her disease and never forget to pray. Her writings were published in a magazine, and people who read them was moved by her strong will.

On Christmas Eve, Moses read Nayla's letter. At the same time, Nayla was struggling with her disease. There were many people who became stronger in facing their lives because of Nayla's writing. That proved that even though Nayla's condition was so bad, she could still do help others, in the way she had always wanted to.

Nayla smiled happily. There was no other thing she wanted to find in this world anymore.



The drama is accused of plagiarizing Japanese television drama 1 Litre of Tears. The name "Aya" was replaced with "Nayla" (Chelsea Olivia), and the role as Asō was replaced by Moses (Glenn Alinskie). Until now, there is still no resolutions nor any effort to enforce copyright law for this case.

The accusation that this series plagiarizes 1 Litre of Tears was admitted by the main actor, during an interview with Bintang Indonesia.[2]

I don't want the viewers to compare me with the role on the real story. Especially when I am the main actor. Consequently, I will never want to watch the original. I'm afraid that I am being looked as imitating it. I want to be known as Chelsea. I don't care, let only the story plagiarizes, but the acting does not.

— Chelsea Olivia

The series itself did not mention any announcement that this serial was "inspired by" or "adapted from" but claiming that the story was merely a fiction.

Aya Kitō are real person born on 19 July 1962 and died on 23 May 1988.

Theme songs[edit]

  • Seperti yang KAU ingini by Jonathan Prawira and performed Nikita


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