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The Buma Culture Foundation (stichting Buma Cultuur) is a non-profit organization that supports and promotes Dutch music. The name Buma Cultuur has existed since March 1, 2006, the foundation was formerly known as the Foundation Conamus.

Conamus was founded in 1962 by John de Mol Sr. The objective of Buma Cultuur is to promote the use of Dutch music in the Netherlands and abroad. The organization puts forward - along with many partners at home and abroad - Dutch music projects that benefit and are supported by the Dutch collecting society Buma. Buma Culture organizes annual events such as the Amsterdam Dance Event, the Noorderslag Festival, the Day of Dutch Jazz and the Musiciansday. In addition, they participate in international music conferences in order to promote and stimulate the export of Dutch music.

Jerney Kaagman was the Director of the Foundation up until March 1, 2009, starting from May 4, 2009 Frank Helmink is responsible for this position.


Besides participating in numerous radio and television programs, CD-spending, etc. to promote Dutch music, Buma Culture presents (sometimes in collaboration with partners) multiple awards to artists who have meant a lot to Dutch music.

Every year in February during the Harpengala the Golden Harp, the Silver Harp and the Buma Culture Export awards are presented. The Golden Harp is a lifetime achievement award for an artist who has made a significant contribution to Dutch music. The Silver Harp is an incentive prize for emerging artists. The Export Prize is an award for the most internationally successful Dutch artist. In the years 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006 the export price was presented to Within Temptation. In 2007 DJ Tiësto took these honours, in 2008 it was presented to Giorgio Tuinfort along with Andre Rieu. In 2009 this prize was presented to Andre Rieu once more.

  • During the Gala of the Dutch Song, and in collaboration with Radio 2, the Radio 2 Airtime award was awarded to artists whom over a long period were aired on Radio 2 and were thus of profound and lasting significance on Dutch music.
  • During the annual Noorderslag Festival the Popprize is awarded to the group or artist who has made the largest contribution to Dutch pop music in the last year.
  • Since 1991 the Annie M.G. Schmidt-prize is awarded for the best cabaret song.
  • Buma Toonzetters Dutch Award for best new composition from the previous year.
  • Perform Sena Overseers POPnl Award for young pop talent from all provinces.
  • William Wilmot Prize for the best children's song.


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