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Bumble is a New Zealand children's television series for children ages 2–7 featuring a magical bee. The title character is played by Jason Gunn. The series is produced for TVNZ by Gunn's wife, Janine Morrell-Gunn.[1]

It also features Bumble's friends: Peek, Boo, Anna and Fishy. The show officially started in 1999 and ended in 2002.

Fishy is Maori, and known for his tagline "Kia Ora Bumble".


Jason Gunn as Bumble, a bumblebee

Chris Harding as Peek, a mouse

Stephanie Liebert as Anna, a mouse

Janice Bateman as Boo, a mouse

Olly Ohlson as Fishy, a brown trout


Peek Gets Stage Fright

Muddled Messages

Fire, Fire

Bossy Boo

Dirty Water

Dreams Come True

Bumble Gets a Photo Album


Four Seasons

Peek and Ice and Water

Fishy's Tale

Bumble's Pumpkin Trouble

The Great Big Enormous Sunflower

Another Way to Share

Bumble's Photo Album

Midnight Feast

Who Will Help Me

Flying Fishy

Too Much Water

Fishy's Orchestra

What's That Smell


Peek's Not So Magic Magic

Fishy's Underwater Adventure


Paintings for Fishy

Maui Bumble and the Sun

Fishy and Friends Pull Up a Waka Huia

Don't Look at the Sun

Detective Fishy


Bumble's Juggling Surprise



Sleep Well Bumble

Peek Gets Into Hot Water

Cry Baby

Don't Tell Fishy


Sweet Dreams Bumble

Peek's Itchy Whiskers

Hansel Peek and Gretal Boo


The Hangi

Round Things

Bumble's B

Maui and the Big Fish

Grab and Gobble

Nahau i Horoi Oniho

Wait We're Late

The Swing

Making Purple

Play with Me

The Adventures of Maxi Mouse

The Trouble with Teepees

Coast to coast



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