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Year founded1893
Based inTokyo

Bungakukai (文学界, "Literary World") is a Japanese monthly literary magazine published by Bungeishunjū as a junbungaku (純文学, lit. "pure literature") oriented publication.

History and profile[edit]

The first version of Bungakukai was published from 1893 to 1898.[1] The founders were the first generation romantic authors in the country.[2] The magazine featured articles on romanticism, modernism and idealism.[1] The magazine's second version started in October 1933.[3] Bungeishunjū has owned the magazine since then.[4]

The headquarters of Bungakukai is in Tokyo.[5] Along with Shinchō, Gunzo, Bungei and Subaru, it is one of the five leading literary journals in Japan. It runs a contest for newcomer writers Bungakukai Shinjinshō (Japanese: 文學界新人賞, Newcomer Award of Literary World).


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