Buraco das Araras (Goiás)

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Buraco das Araras, GO.

Buraco das Araras (GO-016) (English: Hole of the Macaws) is one of the largest quartzitic caves located in the State of Goiás, Brazil. It is located about 120 kilometers west of Brasília and only 16 km from the district of Bezerra, in the municipality of Formosa. It is considered one of the largest sinkholes (dolinas) in the world.


Discovered in 1912, it is believed that the hole has been formed by the collapse of the roof of a cave. The cave itself is 105 meters deep and 295 meters wide, having in its midst a dense rainforest with gigantic ferns typical of a primitive age.[1]

Getting there[edit]

To reach it the traveler must travel 41 kilometers from Formosa, following BR-20 north as far as the village of Bezerra. Four kilometers after the settlement, one should turn left and drive on a dirt road for 7 kilometers and then turn left for two more kilometers.[2]

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Coordinates: 15°36′59″S 47°11′59″W / 15.61639°S 47.19972°W / -15.61639; -47.19972