Burlington Heights

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Burlington Heights
National Historic Site of Canada
Province Ontario
Elevation 100m
Burlington Heights is located in Ontario
Burlington Heights
Burlington Heights in Ontario

Burlington Heights refers to a promontory or area of flat land sitting elevated (at about 100 metres (330 ft)) above the west end of Burlington Bay in the city of Hamilton, Ontario.

The "Heights" were the location of a British Army post during the War of 1812. Batteries (on the north and south ends), magazine, Sally port and earthworks were built to create a line of defence during 1812-1815. Troops with the 8th and 49th Regiments of Foot were stationed at the Heights after being forced to retreat from advancing American troops in May 1813.[1]

Afterwards, the former army barracks were used as a hospital for immigrants with contagious diseases, most notably cholera.[2] Also nearby is the 72-room Dundurn Castle.

Today, Burlington Heights is traversed by York Boulevard. Extensive parkland surrounds Dundurn Castle on the east side of the road and the large Hamilton Cemetery on the west side.

Before 1837, the Heights separated Cootes Paradise from Burlington Bay, but the construction of Desjardins Canal created a break in the Heights.

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Coordinates: 43°16′14″N 79°53′10″W / 43.27056°N 79.88611°W / 43.27056; -79.88611