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The Burmah was a passenger ship, which disappeared en route from England to New Zealand in 1859 or 1860.

Last voyage[edit]

The Burmah was chartered by Willis, Gann & Co. The ship left London for New Zealand on 27 or 28 August 1859.[1] Burmah was seen by the ship Regina on the 17th of November, about 14 days sailing distance west of New Zealand, at 48°S 97°E / 48°S 97°E / -48; 97. The Regina passed icebergs the day after it passed Burmah.[2] Burmah never arrived at New Zealand and was officially declared lost by Lloyds on May 6, 1860.[3]

Burmah was carrying passengers and an assortment of breeding livestock.

The novelist Samuel Butler was booked to travel on the Burmah to New Zealand, but he changed to a different ship, the Roman Emperor at the last moment, and therefore avoided the wreck of the Burmah.[4]


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