Burning Dorothy

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Burning Dorothy
Thea-gilmore burning-dorothy front.jpg
Studio album by Thea Gilmore
Released November 1998
Genre Rock, folk
Length 45:22
Label Shameless
Producer Nigel Stonier, Mark Tucker
Thea Gilmore chronology
Burning Dorothy
The Lipstick Conspiracies

Burning Dorothy is the debut album by English singer-songwriter Thea Gilmore. It was released in November 1998. Categorized as indie folk-rock, her debut album is astonishingly mature from an 18-year-old artist who was discovered while she was still at school, doing work experience at Woodworm Studios. A demo tape of her songs so impressed Beautiful Jo’s Tim Healey that he immediately offered her a record deal. Instead of the Saints - the CD single - was the result. At the time of the album's release Thea Gilmore played at the Radio One Sound City events held in October 1997, where she was rapturously received by two Oxygen FM critics. ‘Many a time I had shivers down my spine... She has a beautiful voice... She opens her mouth and this amazing voice comes out. A singer who really keeps her dignity.’ (Christina Dunphy) ‘ Definitely top notch.’ (Lizzie Ambler). Thea has also been the subject of a feature on Central TV South.

Thea Gilmore - Burning Dorothy - album review by Colin Irwin in Mojo, February 1999: "...there’s plenty of feisty attitude, barbed one-liners, edgy rock arrangements and hollering affirmations of strident independence. ‘Pontiac to Homegirl’ reveals a writer of intriguing mystique and depth, while Militia Sister (‘Just because I bleed seems to make me family, I don’t wanna be your militia sister’) is an oddly moving statement of post-feminist intent. And ‘Bad Ideas’, both funny and potent, is so good it’s scary...(There is a) freedom of spirit, remorselessly fierce air of truth and bold range of emotions and musical explosions..."

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Thea Gilmore.

  1. "Sugar" – 3:39
  2. "Get Out" – 3:17
  3. "People Like You" – 3:19
  4. "Pontiac to Home Girl" – 4:32
  5. "Not so Clever Now" – 3:41
  6. "Instead of the Saints" – 3:36
  7. "Militia Sister" – 3:18
  8. "Throwing In" – 3:44
  9. "Bad Idea" – 4:14
  10. "Into the Blue" – 12:02

"Into the Blue" plays about 3:57 minutes, but contains a hidden bonus track called "One Last Fight", starting after five minutes of silence at about 8:56 minutes.


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