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Burns & Wilcox is an independent insurance wholesale broker and managing underwriter.[1] The company offers over 300 insurance products and earned $140.1 million in revenue in 2010.[2] Founded in 1969 by Herbert W. Kaufman, Burns & Wilcox now encompasses 37 offices in 24 states and one office in London, England.[3] Its corporate headquarters is located in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Today, Burns & Wilcox remains a family run company with Herbert's son Alan Jay Kaufman serving as Chairman, President, and CEO.[4]

Burns & Wilcox, now family-owned, was previously a public company.[5] No one named "Burns" nor "Wilcox" was involved in the founding or growth of the company; the name was chosen by Herbert Kaufman because he thought it carried a strong professional undertone.


Burns & Wilcox specializes in excess and surplus lines of insurance and works with admitted and non-admitted carriers. The company also offers standard lines policies such as homeowners, automobile, and professional liability. The following are examples of excess lines products provided by Burns & Wilcox: Cemetery Coverage, Flea Market Vendor Coverage, Rodeo Coverage, Medical Marijuana Dispensary Coverage, and Miniature Golf Course Coverage.[6]

H.W. Kaufman Financial Group[edit]

H.W. Kaufman Financial Group is the parent company of Burns & Wilcox. It employs approximately 900 professionals in the finance and insurance industries and comprises the following companies:[7]

Burns & Wilcox Brokerage, a brokerage firm based in San Francisco, CA that opened in 2010, also belongs to the H.W. Kaufman Financial Group.[8]


  • In 2011, the National Association of Insurance Women named Melanie Elias, Director of Claims, International Claims Professional of the Year.[9]
  • Ernst & Young selected H.W. Kaufman Financial Group CEO, chairman, and president Alan Jay Kaufman as a regional winner in their Entrepreneur of the Year program for the Michigan and Northwest Ohio Business Services category in July 2011.[10]
  • Director of Professional Lines David Derigiotis teaches a "webinar" for Insurance Journal's Academy of Insurance.[1]

Agents Market Source[edit]

Burns & Wilcox publishes a magazine named Agents Market Source that examines industry trends, marketing strategies, and product spotlights. The magazine features articles written by Burns & Wilcox employees as well as outside industry sources and appears twice annually with spring and fall editions.



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