Burton Barr

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Burton Barr
Burton Barr Central Library-4.jpg
The Burton Barr Central Library in Phoenix, Arizona
Born 1917
Died January 13, 1997
Occupation Businessman, politician
Title Colonel
Political party Republican Party

Burton Barr (1917–1997) was an American Colonel, businessman and politician. He served as a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives from 1964 to 1986, and as its Republican Majority Leader from 1966 to 1986.


Early life[edit]

Burton S. Barr was born in 1917.[1]


During World War II, he served in the United States Army in North Africa, Italy, France, and Germany.[2] He received the two Silver Awards and one Bronze Award for his service.[3] He became a lieutenant colonel in 1946 and a colonel in 1964, when he resigned from the army. During his service in World War II, Barr commanded three men who won the Medal of Honor, one of them being Audie Murphy.[2]

In 1964, he was elected as a Republican member of the Arizona House of Representatives, representing District 18, where he served until 1986.[2] Additionally, he served as the Republican Majority Leader in the House from 1966 to 1986.[2] In 1986, he ran unsuccessfully for Governor of Arizona, losing the Republican primary to Evan Mecham. Barr was known as one of the most effective political leaders in state history. His colleagues in the legislature referred to him as "Mister Magic". Barr helped pass legislation promoting such things as vehicle inspections, health care, education, prison reform, child care, and freeway funding.[2][4]


He died on January 13, 1997.[1]


Secondary source[edit]

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