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Bury Them Deep

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Bury Them Deep
Directed byPaolo Moffa
Written byPaolo Moffa
Enzo Dell’Aquila
StarringCraig Hill
CinematographyFranco Villa
Music byNico Fidenco
Release date
  • 1968 (1968)

Bury Them Deep (Italian: All'ultimo sangue), also known as To the Last Drops of Blood, is a 1968 Italian Spaghetti Western film written and directed by Paolo Moffa and starring Craig Hill.[1][2]


Billy, also known as "The Gunslinger," stole a payment book from the American Army. They enlist Clive Norton to retrieve the money. To aid him, Norton saves a man from the gallows who harbors disdain for Billy and his brother, El Chaleco.


  • Craig Hill as Clive Norton
  • Ettore Manni as El Chaleco
  • Ken Wood as Billy Gunn
  • José Greci as Consuelo/Pepita
  • Francesco Santovetti as Cordero
  • Luciano Doria as Colonel
  • Alberto Bucchi as Sheriff
  • Antonio Danesi as Gunns Leutnant


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