Business Center (CNBC Asia)

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Business Center
CNBC U.S. - Business Center logo 2003.jpg
Presented by Martin Soong (2000-2003)
Grace Phan (2000-2003)
Country of origin Singapore
Original language(s) English
Running time 60 minutes (1 hour)
Original network CNBC Asia
Original release 2000-10-30 – 2005-02-15
Preceded by Global Market Watch
Followed by CNBC Tonight

Business Center is a former primetime business news show on CNBC Asia. It debuted in mid-October 2000 to replace the Asian Edition of Global Market Watch. The show took its name from CNBC US' flagship evening show, Business Center and while it shared the same lower-thirds, the background for the charts remained the same as the ones used during other daytime shows.

The show reviewed all the action from the Asian trading day, crossed-over to Europe to see the midday action there and previewed the session in the US. It also featured updates and analysis of the currency markets from Dow Jones Newswires. World news updates are also featured and the show ends by telling viewers the business events or the kinds of economic data across the region scheduled to be released the following day.

It was initially presented by Martin Soong and Grace Phan.

Regular contributors to the show included Maria Bartiromo (CNBC US) and Nick Hastings (Dow Jones Newswires). Various reporters from CNBC Europe also gave updates on the European trading day.

The show was ultimately replaced in February 2005 by CNBC Tonight.

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